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Complaints against solicitors and the legal professions

in England and Wales

Established: 2001

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Fraud, theft, deception, conspiracy, lies, betrayal, subterfuge and - GREED.


People turn to trusted, respected professionals so invest in Adidas shares in Nigeria that they are not lied to, betrayed and robbed. How ironic that they are then betrayed and robbed by the very professionals they retain. This is the ugly truth about the solicitors' profession and justice system in Britain.


Special news section: Miners Claims News


England has a serious problem with organised crime - The Law Society and solicitors ARE the problem.

The Law Society is a chameleon - different camouflage, same beast, despite several identity changes. Feb 2007 See CCS

The Law Society exists to protect English and Welsh solicitors, not individual rights, the public interest or justice.

Criminals - committing fraud and theft in England is easy - get a solicitor to help you and to give credibility to your schemes.

If you believe that solicitors belong to an honourable, trustworthy profession, you are gravely mistaken.


Yet The Law Society is a Company Incorporated by Royal Charter and its members are Officers of the Supreme Court.

The Law Society's own Code of Conduct states: "as a solicitor, you are an officer of the Supreme Court and must behave as befits a member of the solicitors’ profession".

However, legitimate serious complaints about solicitors are often dismissed by the Law Society on how to invest in Adidas shares in Nigeria spurious grounds and reasoned, well documented submissions are lost, whilst many others are subjected to such delay that the complainants give up. Thus victory is handed to criminals.

The Law Society does not deserve the right to regulate itself, and that thousands of complainants each year are driven to despair by its woeful regulatory record is nothing short of a national disgrace.


"In recent years, there appears to have been a growing awareness of the assistance which professionals provide to criminals, particularly fraudsters."

(The role of solicitors in facilitating ‘Organized Crime’: Situational crime opportunities and their regulation
Cardiff School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University, Wales,)


Hundreds of United Kingdom solicitors fined, struck off or jailed from 1996 to date. News Roundup

Essential: developments in, and background to, legal services reform. Essential

If you want to find a solicitor in England or Wales, consider Find a Solicitor first.

Do some solicitors and the Law Society lie and cheat? Solicitors' Lie Detector

Struck off solicitor, Steven Daultrey, lies to the Solicitors' Disciplinary Tribunal and is restored to the Roll. Struck off and restored.

I have some questions for the Law Society about Steven Daultrey

More insights into the atrocious way in which the Law Society mishandles complaints. Consumer Complaints Service


Scandalous abandonment of standards by the Law Society, despite: Bolton v. The Law Society 1 W.L.R. 512; [1994] 2 All E.R. 486:

"‘The second purpose [of the Tribunal's orders] is the most fundamental of all: to maintain the reputation of the solicitors' profession as one in which every member, of whatever standing, may be trusted to the ends of the earth. To maintain this reputation and sustain public confidence in the integrity of the profession it is often necessary that those guilty of serious lapses are not only expelled but denied re-admission…. A profession's most valuable asset is its collective reputation and the confidence which it inspires."


"British financial wrongdoers are more likely to be found luxuriating on a sunny foreign beach."

Just like Michael Turner and Jackie Dyer , Mike & Jackie, who recently moved to Cyprus. See Rogue Traders case, in Sample Preview, below. Criminals and fraudsters bask in the sunshine leaving their victims destroyed while the "authorities" and regulators dither.

invest in forex.


Basking in stolen money


England, where the Law Society is a Company Incorporated by Royal Charter, remains a very dangerous place in which Best mobile trading platform in Nigeria to trust in its lawyers. It is also a dangerous place to do business as its regulators are ineffectual, intrinsically corrupt, and morally bankrupt.


Striking solicitors off The Roll is a meaningless exercise: Struck off solicitors


"Mounting complaints about bad solicitors have prompted plans for a major government review of how the legal professions in

England and Wales are regulated." BBC Radio 4

Transcript now available on this site as HTML, but taken from the above source.


Please read the About section before making contact.

Bad solicitors will ruin you. There are too many of them and too little is being done about it.

Thinking of doing business with solicitors in England? Be VERY careful. Many are not to be trusted. At all..!

Criminals and crooked solicitors often work together. See Lawyers for your Business, the News Roundup, NewsProbate Fraud and Legal Aid Fraud

Too many solicitors use their ostensible respectability to lend credibility to the schemes of criminals.

The dark side of legal services in England - Dark list

Do solicitors in England lie, cheat and steal? It's all here, and growing.


Sample Preview

Cases Brief description Date posted Updated Go to it

Bantock - Jetstream Marketing Limited

Crooked lawyers

Dodgy accountants

Dishonest liquidator


The Law Society, the DTI and the ICAEW all condone and encourage such low standards in England and Wales.


Fraud by a conman, Michael Turner, and a struck off solicitor, Steven Daultrey, who was readmitted to the profession by two solicitors' firms - Francis Read and Donnellan & Co of Mayfair - in the full knowledge of his criminal past, flouting the rules of their own regulator, the Law Society. 20 years' worth of one individual's savings wiped out in just a few months by fraudsters operating within the Law Society. In addition, everyone else dealing with the fraudsters' operation lost considerably.  Complaints about solicitors swept aside, and a fair hearing and access to justice denied. Turner has since permanently moved to Cyprus on 02 Nov 2004.Steven Daultrey was restored to the Roll of solicitors in November 2004 after lying to the Solicitors' Disciplinary Tribunal, which also failed to conduct due diligence. This is an inexplicable and outrageous abuse of public trust in the professions.

09 Nov 2002

25 Mar 2008

Rogue Traders


* Solicitors' negligence attracts a large number of complaints in the UK each year. As in all walks of life there are dishonest solicitors whose actions can have more serious consequences. Solicitors' dishonesty is a breach of the trust placed in them, yet the present system is perceived as being biased in their favour. When faced with such complaints the legal professions take a defensive stance, which precludes objective review of such cases. The cumulative damage caused by such a stance can ultimately be profound to the claimants and the profession alike. Solicitor fraud goes un-addressed.