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UnjustIS does not provide legal advice - I am not qualified to give it, so please do not ask.

March 2008



If you are seeking solicitors to help you with claims of fraud by solicitors, you should first check the Dark List.

If you are thinking of retaining a solicitor for a business or investment venture, you should first read Lawyers for your Business.

If you want to complain about a solicitor or solicitors, go to the Information for Victims section



UnjustIS.co.uk is NOT:

UnjustIS.co.uk IS:

  • A profit-making site.

  • A source of legal advice.

  • Associated with UK government agencies, the judiciary, or the solicitors' and barristers' professions.

  • A forum for racial, gender-based, religious, or any other form of bigotry or abuse.

  • At all happy with the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors, now the Consumer Complaints Service, now the Legal Complaints Service.

  • Afraid of the facts.

  • Exposing fraud and breach or abuse of trust in the UK legal professions and justice machine.

  • Naming the perpetrators.

  • Attempting to explain the tactics they use.

  • Defining who is helping them - even cynics will be surprised.

  • Linking to sources of support and counselling for victims.

  • Linking to substantial anti-fraud and human rights resources.

  • Fed up with the whole crummy state of things.

This site is owned and run by Paul Bantock . Contact me

I built this site to expose a serious case of conspiracy and fraud conducted from within the solicitors profession itself: Rogue Traders I turned to the Internet as a last resort, having exhausted all other means of having a fair hearing for my serious complaints. I still seek help in that regard and need to sue solicitor Francis Read, and join the Law Society in the action for its utter failure to act responsibly and decently as befitting its status.


Once I had health and savings which were the rewards of years' hard work and not simply the consequence of speculation. As I had reservations about a business proposition that had been put to me I retained respectable solicitors to conduct appropriate diligence and to ease my concerns. I was then systematically betrayed, misled and robbed by those very "professionals" and their convicted fraudster client with whom they worked in cahoots. The consequences were ruinous in every regard, and when I fell back on the support system for which I had paid my taxes for years I was treated like a piece of excrement while the regulators laughed in my face. I know that I am not alone in this situation for since posting this web site in 2001 I have learned of many other, appalling stories, confirming the extent to which Britain has become a haven for the corrupt. I have grown to loathe and despise my own country.


UnjustIS therefore began as a rant in 2001, but it has grown a bit, thanks to those other people I have met. For sources of support and guidance see:  Information for Victims, and Similar Sites.


All pages share the links border on the left, excepting sub webs. Other pertinent links are contained within the body and at the foot of each page. Some material is in the form of scanned documents, which will appear in a full-sized window. In these cases, simply use the BACK button of your browser to return to the referring page.


This site, though still small, now contains enough information to warrant a search facility of its own, which you may use by clicking this link:



The Law Society has been failing to regulate its members effectively, and failing to protect the public from the errant ones of whom there are uncomfortably many. The courts, which are already under considerable pressure, do not acknowledge the impact of fraud upon victims, often leaning towards favouring the legal professionals against whom the complaints are made.


New initiatives, however, are set to alter the legal services landscape in the UK. The Lord Chancellor's recent speech at the Department of Constitutional Affairs' conference on the 21st of March 2005 outline the nature of those changes. Click the link to read the Lord Chancellor's speech.

Also visit the Essential News section, which details important developments.


There are many crank sites on the Internet. This is not one of them. Decide for yourself whether UnjustIS is merely a rant or a genuine complaint by starting with the News Roundup.


What a racket