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Justice uncovered: a unique and revealing insight into the flaws and frustrations of Britain's courts (External link)

What really goes on in a judge's chambers? The Observer, granted unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to one court, learns of the frustrations that beset a judge who has been publicly criticised as too lenient

11 June 2006

Windows Genuine Advantage

My experience of migrating to Windows XP using a small computer supplier.

May 2006

Savings & Pensions UK

Misplaced faith in the system and all the promises, and how we all get robbed.

Oct 2004 - moved here in Nov 2005

A crisis of professional self-regulation – the example of the solicitors’ profession

"In recent years self-regulation by the solicitors’ profession may be described as being in crisis. Failures can be seen at all levels, from the appropriate resolution of low-level complaints, to protecting the public from dishonest and other seriously miscreant solicitors."

Full article, also available in pdf format, is available on the Cardiff Centre for Ethics Law & Society web site by clicking the above link

21 Sept 2005

Compensation for Inadequate Professional Services

By Richard Moorhead, Professor Avrom Sherr, and Sarah Rogers
Institute of Advanced Legal Studies

06 Sept 2005

Self regulation and the market for legal services - Richard Moorhead 14 Feb 2005
Man of Letters - Just trawling my diaries, really. Strange echoes, though. 12 Aug 2004

Management- Professional Indemnity: Cause and effect. (Link to Legal Week)

18 Jul 2004

Dithering FSA fails us all. (external link - This is Money) 26 Jun 2004
GEE WHIZZ! JUDGE FOR YOURSELF? - A take on the Judge Richard Gee affair by Joe Lloyd 03 Jun 2004
Litigation crisis? This way to the casualty department - copyright Times Newspapers 22 May 2004
The Law Society is living in the past - copyright Times Newspapers 22 May 2004

About Solicitors and Barristers

A reasonably up to date take on the professions by the European Business Management School

16 Feb 2004

A costly way to Learn

An additional, independent take on the Rogue Traders case.

12 Feb 2004

Plain speaking in court at last (? Ed) (External link)

"But also I hated the language that the law is couched in. Not because it's old-fashioned, as such, but because it's pompous. Unbearably, maddeningly, mind-numbingly pompous." Mark Fisher, BBC, From Our Own Correspondent.


Combating Prime Bank and High-Yield Investment Fraud

Speech by Rosalind Wright, Director, Serious Fraud Office.


Open to Persuasion?


A take on fraud in the United Kingdom


Message from the Director.


The U.S. Department of Justice and its agencies are a way ahead of the United Kingdom in recognising the need for action against fraud.


Victims of Fraud - Emotional Harm


Individual victims of fraud might recognise the effects on themselves.


Panic Disorder Explained


Many victims of fraud experience a heavy toll on their health. The American Psychological Association defines the stresses and symptoms experienced, and how they can be treated.


Abuse of Power


How offshore FOREX money and dispassionate lawyers abuse due process to rid the Internet of their being exposed.


When Democracy Failed


Thom Hartmann writes for CommonDreams.org, expressing his views on the fragility of democracy and how we should all be alert to threats against it, no matter how alluring and beguiling they might be perceived as being in response to catastrophe or hostility.


The Misuse of Enduring Powers of Attorney (external link)


Tom Dumont examines the position of financial institutions dealing with attorney instructions and the problems for them in ignoring misuse of such powers


Points of law - coming soon


In Strictest Confidence - in preparation

London solicitors lend credibility to High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) scammers.


General Fraud


Another American take on the impact of fraud. Most countries are fighting fraud, but Britain encourages it.


Judge Richard Gee


The powerful enjoy immunity, while the law treats the powerless ever more harshly.


The Future of Law


Some thoughts on the future of legal services provision, and the nature of regulatory and representative functions of legal professional bodies.


Extraordinary Practice Direction 218

01 Sept 2003

Ruffling some wigs and gowns.

Tip for Fraudsters  
Don't waste time and effort devising complex schemes - do it the easy way. 04 Sept 2003
The Law Society  
A montage of current news and views about The Law Society in England and Wales. 30 Sept 2003

Expertise and ethics in the Legal Profession

An interesting study by Richard H. S. Tur, Oriel College, Oxford. ( Mr Tur's teaching pages are mirrored here)

18 Oct 2003

In praise of idleness

Bertrand Russell argued with sublime logic the merits of using technology to alleviate the rigours of life instead of waging war and generally creating misery.

08 Nov 2003

White-Collar Crime and the Issue of trust (external link)

Basia Spalek explores the relationships of trust and distrust between the offender, the victims, regulators and the wider financial system in a particular case of white-collar crime. See also: News Aug 2007

20 Dec 2003

Rotten Britain


Attempted Judicial Review of The FSA Fails (external link)

Although implementation of the Second Money Laundering Directive of 2001 in the form of the 2003 Money Laundering Regulations has been delayed, the year to date has seen radical developments in anti-laundering laws and rules.

08 May 2004







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