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Back to Rogue Traders case summary.

Documents in support of the Rogue Traders case.

This is just a sample of supporting material - there is much more.

(still being updated at: 31/10/06)

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Passing the buck Solicitor Francis Read acknowledges that he was retained to advise the company, Jetstream, that had been promoted by Turner and Daultrey, the struck off solicitor. Read also knows that Daultrey has moved to Donnellan & Co, providing Daultrey's telephone number. How did Read come to advise Jetstream, if not introduced by Daultrey and Turner?
Avoiding the issue Francis Read still avoids my questions, but does eventually describe Daultrey as an "Unqualified Assistant", yet now denies that Turner was ever a client.  How did he telephone him without having his contact details?
 Your ALT-Text here I wrote candidly to Francis Read explaining my predicament arising from relying on Turner's and Daultrey's representations from Read's offices and thereafter. Mr Read's response, below, was stupefying.
He knew Daultrey's past Francis Read finally admits that he knew of Daultrey's striking off, stating that he sought permission to employ him. He also states that he was extremely careful about how Daultrey presented himself.  That's odd - he pronounced his own judgement on that of the Law Society and gave Daultrey his own offices and stationery. He claims that he did not know Richard Donnellan, yet he knew that Daultrey had moved to that firm. Just an arrogant dismissal of my complaints, and no advice as to how I could complain. As for seeking permission to employ Daultrey, click the next thumbnail below::
Law Society Daultrey It seems that Francis Read was quite happy to employ Daultrey in the full knowledge of his criminal past, and to take on any and all Daultrey's clients irrespective of their criminal pasts as well. The Law Society denies all knowledge of ever having authorised anyone to employ Daultrey since his striking off in 1982. Someone's records are not up to scratch - Read's, or the Law Society's, or both? Someone has been lying all this time.
Watch this space The Law Society - 6 years later - seems to be taking matters seriously. It confirms that it can find no records of anyone having authorised Daultrey's employment since his striking off in 1982. Let's hope this is not just another merry-go-round.  As of today, there still has been no further communication or any sign of action by the Law Society. Serious complaints are ignored.

The Solicitors' Indemnity Fund, when confronted with the above, at first took matters seriously, until another officer took over the case. Then the usual bluster and threats began again.


Further details and additional links in the Solicitors' Lie Detector on this site

What some others say. All creditors listed here were robbed.
Isis victims too Isis Factors were lured into financing Jetstream on the strength of the same promises that caused Jetstream to be formed in the first instance. They really did not deserve this treatment.
Keep the lie going Mike Turner kept the lie going at every opportunity. Here he continues to bamboozle Jetstream's bank that its "solicitor" is holding funds. There was never any question of Jetstream trading out of its serious difficulties. Turner and Daultrey were just waiting for all the investors' money to dry up before closing it down.
BBMS duped Don't take only my word for the above...Josh Boulton and David Wallbridge were also ripped off...
 Your ALT-Text here ...and this poor lady worked with the utmost professionalism, met her remit, and yet lost hugely. Like all the other creditors, her trust was betrayed by Turner with hollow promises of imminent funding from Jetstream's "solicitor".
Turner steals money Mike Turner did not care how he got money - he even fleeced a small dealer of Jetstream behind my back with his handwritten letters. Josh Boulton and David Wallbridge might have something to say about this.
TurnersLetters Turner ensured carrying the deception about the probity of Jetstream's "solicitor" to all parties dealing with the company. Absolutely everybody lost except for Turner, Daultrey, Read and Donnellan.
Metalnova Even before the date of liquidating Jetstream Marketing limited on 21 February 1996, Turner began trading as Jetstream Trading. He robbed Metalnova, too.
Daultry SDT And all the while, this man, Steven Daultrey, was helping him. Turner and Daultrey colluded from the outset.
Objection NMGW. The liquidator's role is harder to determine. Was he bamboozled as well, or was there a measure of collusion? Clearly, in his opening paragraphs, Nigel Mallett objects to my informing creditors of my findings...but why did a liquidator based in Bristol have offices in Hampton, Turner's home turf?
Overruled But he seemed to be of the opinion that it was Turner's decision to place Jetstream into liquidation and no-one else's; not the other directors' nor the shareholders'. Besides, in the closing paragraphs of his earlier letter, featured here, there appears to be an unusual contradiction....he had, by prior arrangement, agreed to invoice Turner at an inflated value for the company's residual stock to cover his own costs and remuneration. This is illegal, but the DTI and the Insolvency Service do not care.
 Your ALT-Text here A liquidator's duties include reporting on whether a company has knowingly and deliberately traded into insolvency with the intention of avoiding its debts and/or defrauding its creditors. NMGW was not interested to learn that Jetstream, as a result of the deal cut by Turner, fell grossly insolvent over Christmas 1994, yet was not put into liquidation until February 1996. The D.T.I. saw nothing odd, either. The police officers named on the document hailed Francis Read as a "good guy" and were not interested in pursuing my allegations against Turner and Daultrey.  Neither was I involved in or informed about the investigation as promised.

Dr Cable

My MP, Vincent Cable, was not slow to identify fraud.

The reply from the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors was absolutely stupefying. Page here: OSS Drivel

The Police? Well - they are another story.



Notice to Creditors This is my notice to creditors of Jetstream Marketing Limited that exercised Nigel Mallett. Some creditors expressed a continuing interest in the case.
The office for the Supervision of Solicitors (OSS)

Related cases and judgements

Martin v. Goldfarb A struck off (disbarred) solicitors' credentials were not disclosed to the client of a solicitors' firm. The client relied on the struck off solicitor's advice and machinations with disastrous consequences. A blueprint, in fact, for Turner's and Daultrey's fraud. Martin v. Goldfarb [1997] O.J. 1918 (Ont.Ct.Gen.Div.) is a spectacular illustration of the dangers of preferring the interests of one client over another's.
Nigel Axton, a disbarred lawyer who had been incarcerated for fraud, was the defendant lawyers' client. The plaintiff Martin was also their client. Axton asked that the lawyers not tell Martin about his background. The lawyers obliged. Unfortunately, Axton began to fleece Martin. When Martin could not recover his losses from Axton, he turned on the lawyers. Source
Adrian Allen Limited and- Fuglers (A firm) Mr Landon was struck off the roll of solicitors in 1979. In 1981 a firm called Barber Young was granted permission by the Law Society to employ him from year to year, and after two years this temporal condition was removed. In 1993 he moved to Fuglers where he remained until his sudden disappearance in February 1998. He was later to reappear at a police station in the company of a solicitor, and his prosecution, conviction and imprisonment for offences of dishonesty duly followed. Although he wrote a letter from prison to Mr Fugler, neither party called him at the trial and the judge placed no weight at all on the contents of this letter.
Pearless de Rougemont v. Pilbrow Stuart Pilbrow retained whom he had been assured was a solicitor at the firm of Pearless De Rougemont. Upon subsequent discovery that the person retained was not a solicitor, the court held that the solicitors' firm was not entitled to recover anything in respect of the services provided.
Donnellan& Co Excerpts from the findings of the Solicitors' Disciplinary Tribunal's findings in the matter of the struck off Steven Daultrey's second employer/partner. Striking a solicitor off The Roll means nothing, it seems.
House of Lords Solicitors undertook irreconcilable duties
Coming soon.. Description
More Documents The Solicitors' Disciplinary Tribunal's findings in the matters of Daultrey and Donnellan & Co. More of Turner's own correspondence, more witnesses statements, the obfuscatory and contradictory tactics of the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors, the DTI, and much more.