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Here the conman Michael Turner takes exception to my snatching his mug shot to use as a warning to anyone even thinking of doing business with him. He threatens "formal legal action", but I can't imagine what the informal variety entails.

Turner has omitted to provide his telephone number on his letterhead, so for anyone wishing to talk to him (can't imagine why), here it is: +44 (0)20 8941 3391 Temporally unavailable - paid the bill?

Turner's business ventures almost always use grandiose names or words designed to imply the vastness of their importance and credibility. World Communications, PCL Internet International, Galactic Deities Incorporated, Global Saints For Business, and so on. He is always the "President" or "Vice-Chairman" or "God in Charge". In fact, none of his ventures amount to anything more substantial than a bubble of swamp gas. He's a piece of *, really.

Turner has now fled to Cyprus. See main News page

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AS at December 2003 there has been no sign of the threatened action. Funny, that.