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Mike Turner and Jackie Dyer bask in the sunshine.

They fled to Cyprus permanently late in November 2004


The Photographs below are very recent, having been taken from a Web guest book, and earlier, on a holiday conned out of the company.


Stolen Holiday


Enjoying all that stolen money?

Assisted considerably by a struck off solicitor, Steven Daultrey, who has recently been rewarded for his dishonesty and lack of integrity by being restored to the Roll.


Supplement to Rogue Traders case.


"Following the departure of Karen and Colin Smith in 2004, Alan took over as Welfare Officer and Vice-Chairman of the Branch the latter a critical position when Mike and Jackie Turner resigned as Chairman and Branch Secretary respectively to emigrate to Cyprus a couple of years ago." Taken from Multiple Sclerosis Society, Richmond-upon-Thames Branch May 2006 Bulletin. I suggest that the MS Society audits its books VERY carefully after these two characters fled to Cyprus. They are fraudsters. See news item below


A large Charity is unwittingly duped.

A regional branch of The Multiple Sclerosis Society was until 2004 chaired by a convicted fraudster, who later that same year fled to Cyprus. The fraudster, Michael (Mike) Turner, was accompanied in the post of Chairman by his life partner, Jacqueline (nee Dyer), who also assumed the post of Secretary, and who accompanied her partner to Cyprus. The premise of the Turner's resignation from their posts was that of emigrating to a climate more suited to their health needs. However, the pair also had interests in a company called PCL Internet International Limited (PCL), which is now in liquidation under suspicious circumstances amid investigations involving hundreds of thousands of pounds. A strange synchronicity saw Michael Turner as the Managing Director of PCL, whilst Jacqueline Dyer occupied the post of Secretary. The Turners have an interesting history involving struck off English solicitors and American Attorneys.

Local item and the reason for this site existing


Multiple Sclerosis Society newsletter (Word document - Right click, Save AS...)


Link to original document

15 Jun 2006