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Some more names in the Rogue Traders case


Updated 05 September 2006


If you want to know why your name features here, go directly to the Rogue Traders case summary or contact me. Alternatively, you could talk to solicitor Francis Read without whose negligence and disregard for the Law Society's own rules this site would not exist at all.


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Who? Why?
The Office for the Supervision of Solicitors; the DTI, The Insolvency Service. All of them say it is acceptable for companies to be promoted and deliberately ruined by criminals and struck off solicitors. All agree that there are no grounds for action whatsoever, despite the Insolvency Service's own mandate: "The Insolvency Service, on behalf of the Secretary of State for Trade & Industry, has responsibility (under Section (6) of the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986) for the investigation of the conduct of directors of failed companies and for the disqualification of those who are considered to be unfit to be involved in the management of companies in the future."

Anthony Bilmes

Anthony Bilmes - my case summary


Chanas solicitors - closed down by the Law Society
Prismall's solicitors - Jason Prismall - closed down by the Law Society
Newtons solicitors
Garson & Co - Solicitors
Ronald Gould Royal Courts of Justice

Cawdery Kaye Fireman Taylor




Judge Plaskow

Identifies fraud, then sweeps it under the carpet.


Barlow Lyde & Gilbert - Nigel Bamping, Andrew Horrocks




Andrew Thackwray




Paul Harty

Roy Bastin

Company Fraud Squad

John Wiffen
John Plane
Barry Maine,
Dale O' Callaghan
Andrew Bain
Jayne Farrin
Wendy Clayton
Anthony Reheusser
Miss Z M A Rudder,
Josh Boulton - Victim of Turner's fraud. see: Documents
David Wallbridge - Victim of Turner's fraud. see: Documents