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Rogue Traders

The irony is that one retains a solicitor or solicitors to prevent this kind of mess from arising.

Originated in 1994

This web site first posted: November 2002

Last updated: May, 2008


This page is maintained by Paul Bantock, whose contact details are here. It is a warning against entering into any business arrangement with the following individuals:

Michael Turner, fraudster and conman.

Jackie Dyer - Jacqueline Dyer - Turner's partner.

Steven Daultrey, a struck off solicitor but now inexplicably restored by the Law Society.

Francis Read, solicitor, Grosvenor St, London.


Update March 2005:

Steven Daultrey has been inexplicably restored to the Roll of solicitors, the Law Society having abandoned its own rules and standards. Daultrey is now admitted to the London offices of a Gibraltar based firm of solicitors called Marrache & Co, after having lied to the Solicitors' Disciplinary Tribunal. This is rapidly descending into farce.


Turner and Dyer can now be found in Cyprus, to where they fled on 02 November 2004, shortly after resigning as Chairman and Secretary, respectively, of the Richmond upon Thames branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society. For details, see news item


Click pic for details, or here


The above named people are toxic to your wealth and your health.

Other named individuals and organisations are NOT necessarily included in this warning.


See the Case materials and updates section in the table below for the fuller story and parties involved


Case materials and updates - links on left, descriptions on right.
Supporting documents Scanned images of original documents
Replies Replies from parties named.
The Full Story My full synopsis of these complaints
Inside Fraud

An independent take on the case by Maxima.


SOLICITOR — Duty — Conflict of interest — Claimant developing property to sell to purchaser — Solicitor acting for both claimant and purchaser — Purchaser known to solicitor as convicted fraudster and bankrupt — Non disclosure to claimant of knowledge of purchaser's history — Purchaser failing to complete — Whether solicitor liable in damages. Source: ICLR
Case: Hilton v Barker Booth and Eastwood (a firm)


How fraudsters ARE the Law Society of England & Wales: 

Mike Turner, fraudster and thief  

I risked serious injury to snatch the above photograph of the con-artist, Michael Turner, Mike Turner, on the doorstep of his lair at 65 Oldfield Road in Hampton, Middlesex. Telephone: +44 (0)20 8941 1921. (Number no longer available) Was: +44 (0)20 8941 3391 (Also no longer available). Turner and Dyer have now moved permanently to Cyprus, on 02 November 2004. They are in the process of trying to sell 65 Oldfield Road privately.

Turner, until recently a director of PCL Internet International Limited* based at the above address, is a serial fraudster.  He has directed numerous companies into ruinous misery and has previously served a custodial sentence for fraud. He is also a director of Elm capital Limited (previously Mundays (721) Limited), also based at the same address. Elm Capital is now the subject of a proposal to strike off. Elm Capital Limited was dissolved on 25 May 2004. Turner now fronts CP Purchasing, also from the above address.

Why, asks this journal, is he still allowed to be a company director when his record should determine otherwise?  The answer is an all too familiar part of the economic and trading scene in Britain:  he has friends in high places.  How high?  One could argue that the buck stops with the Lord Chancellor himself, who has overall responsibility for the legal professions and courts in England.

Like many cheats and swindlers, Turner relies on the respectability conferred by association with prominent professions and institutions. 

Lacking the substance or probity to succeed on his own merits, he hitches his pitches to members of eminently respectable professions such as solicitors, all of who were until October 2001 “Regulated by the Law Society in the conduct of investment business”. The financial Services Authority has since assumed that function.

Being thus regulated, solicitors should be very careful about the instructions they take from clients, especially in the wake of such scandals as Polly-Peck, BCCI, and more recently the Enron/Arthur Andersen debacle. A special kind of solicitor is therefore needed, one for whom rules mean nothing, a solicitor who has been struck off for lying and stealing.

Surely, however, struck off solicitors can no longer practice as lawyers?  Alas, the Law Society and its members are slack, verging on the apathetic when interpreting their own standards, and even contemptuous of the findings of the Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT) itself. The “Old Boy” rules apply more stringently amongst the learned brethren than any other laws, including the laws of the land of which they are ostensibly charged with being custodians.

One such struck off solicitor who adroitly danced back into the profession as though nothing had happened is Steven Daultrey, pictured below. 




Struck off

Still struck off

Still at it - still lying

Steven Daultrey
As at 18 November 2004 Steven Daultrey has been restored to the Roll of solicitors. The Law Society has abandoned all pretence of maintaining any decent standards at all.

No sooner had the SDT struck him off, Daultrey was back in the comfortable surrounds of a solicitors’ firm from where he carried on his business as usual, with his usual clients, and with Mike Turner, the fraudster.

What sort of solicitors’ firms would flout the rules and judgments of their own regulating bodies?  Francis Read of Grosvenor St, Mayfair, London, for one, and Donnellan & Co, also of Mayfair, for another. Daultrey can currently be found working for Overseas Company Registration Agents (OCRA) from whose London offices he pretended to be a solicitor until recently.  He now holds the position of Group Director, previously Group Legal Director, experienced in international “tax planning” matters. 01 Jun 2005 - anonymous tip-offs suggest that Daultrey has recently left OCRA to join a law firm. More soon.

How do the likes of Mike Turner and Steven Daultrey operate the scam?  It is based on trust.  Or rather, the trust that many of us place in the law and its practitioners, as few would question the status and probity of solicitors – Officers of the Supreme Court – who are regulated by the Law Society.  It starts with a business or investment proposition from Turner, which seems attractive to would-be investors, who might be individuals or companies.  They need assurances, however, about due diligence, often insisting on a proper legal footing from the outset, and to ensure that all legitimate business risks are ameliorated at best, mitigated at worst. See: Lawyers for Your Business

Turner’s own associates are ideally suited to the purpose as they were commercial solicitors regulated by the Law Society in the conduct of investment business. At this stage of proceedings, everyone is aware of the true credentials of Turner and Daultrey, including the Law Society and its member firms.  Everyone, that is, except the investors (Me). 

The investors invest in shares and debt, also taking directors’ roles, but Turner, Daultrey, or Daultrey’s employers or partners make none. All seems well initially, until the investment encounters some unusual turbulence arising from Turner’s management decisions (He had, in fact, cut a large deal with other fraudsters). The investors are again approached for funds, with which they part on assurances of rescue capital and/or match funding from Turner and the solicitors in the form of Messrs Daultrey, Read, and Donnellan & co, to whom Daultrey had subsequently moved. In the meantime, however, there are the professional fees to be paid to Francis Read, if the investors would be so kind.

Like lambs to the slaughter the investors are sucked inexorably into a bottomless money pit at the centre of which are Turner and Daultrey, ostensibly digging along as players in the same team.  As long as the money is still being poured in, that is.

Enough becomes enough, however, and the investors confront Turner and Daultrey about their liabilities, the future of their investments, and the absence of any rescue capital from Daultrey’s other clients.  “No more until this mess is resolved.” chorus the investors and creditors of the now seriously insolvent venture.

Within a few hours, days at the most, Turner calls a dishonest liquidator into the venture, explaining that Daultrey’s clients had inexplicably pulled out of the deal. Daultrey is no longer answering his telephone, cannot be found, and all his and Turner’s promises of overseas funding have melted away. Turner, it later transpired, had by prior private arrangement agreed with the liquidator, Nigel Mallett of NMGW in Bristol, to purchase the company's residual stock at an inflated price in order to ensure the liquidator's costs. This is highly illegal, but the DTI and the Insolvency Service do not care to the point of condoning the corruption.

Numb with shock, the creditors and investors try to locate Daultrey, only to find that the Law Society amid a police investigation had closed down Donnellan & Co, on exactly the same day as their investment venture being placed into liquidation.  Then, and only then did they learn the true credentials of Messrs Turner and Daultrey, but it was too late to effect any salvage from what, clearly, was not only a venture that was grossly insolvent, but also criminally insolvent.

Outraged, the investors tackled Turner, Francis Read, the Law Society, the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors, as well as the police.  Almost in accord the response was that the juxtaposition of a convicted fraudster; a struck off solicitor; massive losses due to fraud, and a solicitors’ firm being closed down amid a police investigation was mere coincidence, bad luck at best. For a snapshot of the hypocrisy and blatant protectionism, see the Solicitors' Lie Detector.

By this time the investors were themselves seriously compromised, yet applications for Legal Aid were denied time and again.  Creditors were also hounding them.  Not a solicitor in the land would countenance their claims, unless in exchange for many, many hundreds of pounds per hour.  Some wanted several thousand pounds in advance merely to consider the case.

Still struggling to recover, several years on, the investors are no nearer a resolution to their disputes with Messrs Read, Turner, and Daultrey.  It was after all the firm of Francis Read that was to conduct the due diligence, was it not?  There is no authority prepared to tackle the swindle perpetrated from within the fabric of the establishment itself.  Entreaties of the Lord Chancellor himself are met with obfuscation, which, if it means anything at all, says that he is utterly powerless to do anything about the way in which criminals abuse a system that is lacklustre, if not intrinsically corrupt.

Entreaties of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) that the venture’s promotion, inception and consequent liquidation under the foregoing circumstances should be a matter for investigation met with a brusque dismissal.  The liquidation went ahead regardless.

If the cornerstones of our legal professions permitting and condoning such appalling absence of standards is not bad enough, consider the final insult hurled at the weary, disillusioned prey of the fraudsters: if the lawyers and courts can delay the exposure of the cases described in the foregoing pages sufficiently long, the Limitation Act kicks in. They can do nothing in law.

Thank you, good-bye, and bring on the next victims.


If you have had any business dealings with and want further information about the individuals involved, contact Paul Bantock Email me I will reply as soon as I can.


If you are thinking of using a solicitor in England for any purpose that involves your own money, or money for which you are in a position of trust, read this first.


* Updates 

Turner, until recently a director of PCL Internet International Limited, now in liquidation, attempted in 2001 to purchase Iprolink from New Zealand telecoms company, Newcall, for the sum of 1.5 million dollars. Newcall pulled out of the sale of Iprolink to PCL, recently informing me that PCL had failed to come up with the necessary funds. It appears that promises of overseas funding from Turner melted away, following a familiar pattern. Newcall has since decided to retain its interests in Iprolink and seems set to develop its range of services in the Asia Pacific sector. I should say that Newcall's and Iprolink's involvement with PCL Internet International ceased at the point of its failure to fund the purchase of Iprolink, and that they are in no way interested in or involved with Turner's subsequent activities.

20 February 2003.


Investigations show that Turner appointed Sorsky's as liquidators of his latest ruinous shambles, PCL Internet International Limited. Major creditors of PCL have appointed their own joint liquidators, Harris Lipman. It appears that creditors have lost hundreds of thousands of pounds to Turner and his associates by "investing" in PCL. Understandably, they are deeply concerned. Search corporate insolvencies for PCL Internet International here:


Obtain all financial information and director details of PCL Internet International Limited and Elm Capital Limited here:

Freepint or here: Companies House

Update 03 October 2003


A posting recently appeared on the Diligizer purporting to emanate from the joint liquidators of PCL Internet International, Harris Lipman. UnjustIS alerted Harris Lipman to the posting, which has subsequently been removed upon their insistence.


The posting elicited information about the activities of Michael Turner and associates to assist in criminal proceedings against them. Note that Harris Lipman was not responsible for the posting, and whilst such information might be required by those investigating the PCL matter, such false postings can be counter-productive as they might compromise the integrity of professionals who do not normally use such media in their investigations. Any interested parties in possession of information that might be of value to the joint liquidators should contact Harris Lipman direct instead of making spurious or false postings on bulletin boards. Lawyers acting on behalf of the joint liquidators of PCL Internet International Limited are Atlantic Law. Anyone with pertinent information should contact Atlantic Law quoting reference ML. Atlantic Law, I Great Cumberland Place, London. W1H 7AL Tel: 020 7616 2888. Update 02 June 2005: Atlantic Law has dropped off the radar, and anyone with pertinent information is welcome to contact me. In the course of my investigating the affairs of Turner, Daultrey et al, I made contact with Atlantic Law, subsequently making an appointment to visit the lawyer charged with handling the PCL Internet matter. We consequently exchanged much correspondence on the matter, my assisting where ever possible in his investigations. Example dialogue features below. Without notice or explanation my later correspondence was not answered and my calls were not returned. I contacted Atlantic Law several times, eventually being informed that the lawyer with whom I had been corresponding was no longer with the firm, but no explanation was given. I repeatedly requested that Atlantic Law might inform me as to with whom I correspond in future vis-a-vis the PCL matter, but my calls and correspondence went - and remain - unanswered. PCL Internet International remains in liquidation. Joint liquidators' details feature below.


In common with the thread of Turner's activities to date a co-director of both PCL Internet Internet International Limited (in liquidation) and Elm Capital Limited (dissolved) is another lawyer, this time a North American attorney. Company Secretary of PCL is Turner's wife/partner, Jacqueline Dyer. Jackie Dyer. She also has a colourful business history.


Update Mar 2004


Messrs Turner and (edited Feb 2007), it is alleged, have each misappropriated several hundreds of thousands of pounds from PCL Internet International. That's OK - Steven Daultrey with all his offshore connections might have helped them to hide the money, buried deep and out of sight. The authorities in England still seem to be asleep.


Update Oct 2004

Removed pending further research

A possibility has arisen, at 15 December 2004, that more victims of Turner's machinations will emerge from the PCL and Elm affairs who might include some of the companies' officers.

Clearly Mike Turner is a component in an international network of professionals who have detailed knowledge of potential victims for his schemes. He is utterly ruthless in pursuing other people's money, and he has influential friends and associates. The questions now are: will the DTI finally wake up to Turner's being a fraudster who should be stopped, and will his associates and partners in crime, including struck off solicitors, be investigated and attempts made to recover funds or effect redress for the victims? I seriously doubt it as there seems to be an insidious, iniquitous freemasonry involved here.


Company Number : 04062652

Case Number : 1



Practitioner name: KHALASTCHI, FREDDY

Practitioner address: HARRIS LIPMAN






Practitioner name: SORSKY, HAROLD JOHN

Practitioner address: SPW POPPLETON & APPLEBY




N3 3LF

Watch this space.


Here are some transcripts of correspondence from a lawyer with Atlantic Law, who were acting for creditors of PCL :

10 Sept 2003


I am aware of the association between Mr (edited Feb 2007) and (American law firm)

At present we have made a demand for Messrs (edited Feb 2007) and Turner to pay up the shares they were issued in PCL -£200,000 each. They are maintaining they paid for them through the provision of services but there was (unfortunately for them) no indication that there was ever any agreement with the company to that effect. They are both currently taking advice and objecting to the threats to report them to the DTI/Bar Association etc.

The monies they extracted from IMC which disappeared into PCL is a separate issue

20 Jan 2004


We have hit the perennial problem in that there are no funds to chase Mr
Turner and Mr (edited Feb 2007). We have reached the stage where they really need to
be taken to court. This though involves instructing barristers and court
fees. I can give my time as I have done but it becomes a different issue
when one is asked to start laying out funds.

I have accordingly passed the file back to Freddy Khalastchi at Harris
Lipman and you will need to liaise with him as to further progress.

22 Jan 2004


I think you are aware that I act for IMC Beteiligungs GmbH, an Austrian company. While acting for them in relation to something else it transpired they had fallen victim to the depredations of Turner and (edited Feb 2007) who had persuaded them to 'invest' some $350,000 in PCL Internet and to pay out various other funds.

I offered to help Harris Lipman insofar as I could. It became clear to me that Turner and (edited Feb 2007):

i) undoubtedly misrepresented matters to IMC in persuading them to invest
ii) probably have a civil liability in respect of some £400,000 of unpaid shares

I have obviously contacted Turner and (edited Feb 2007) who naturally deny any liability. I think I succeeded in unsettling (edited Feb 2007) but he and Turner and (edited Feb 2007) are, I suspect, seasoned operators who will only settle at the court door. It is, therefore, necessary to settle issue proceedings. This costs money and there is none. The liquidators have no funds and IMC is not willing to throw good money after bad. From my point of view we have reached an impasse.

I agree it would be nice if a police or other state agency would take an interest in the activities of Turner and (edited Feb 2007)> (edited Feb 2007) is obviously out of the jurisdiction so that complicates matters further. Turner I suspect will be caught one day when he crosses the wrong person

22 Jan 2004


IMC were simply trying to raise money to finance a hospital. IMC stands for 'Innovative Medical Company'.

I do not know how they met Turner and (edited Feb 2007). The representation though was that some Seattle based concern was an investor in PCL and that if IMC invested in PCL then the Seattle company would invest in IMC. Of course it did not.

(edited Feb 2007) then stung IMC for a further $50,000 supposedly for undertaking a due diligence report on the Seattle company (as you will appreciate it is usually the investor who conducts the due diligence). He Seattle company then went bust.

IMC obviously had no interest in investing in an Internet Marketing company though Turner and (edited Feb 2007) span them some yarn about using PCL to market to potential Saudi customers

The story is a sad tale of the naivete of some people. A bunch of philanthropic and well meaning doctors and their incompetent accountant were taken for a complete ride.

There would I am afraid be little point in your talking to IMC as they would only reiterate the above. The company does not exist as a going concern and it would be necessary to track down the individual doctors.

PCL Internet International Limited has not been dissolved as at 25 Feb 2007


This is Britain - a honey-pot for fraudsters because the British "establishment" simply cannot believe that people can be such cads. Or can it?