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I need professional help to sue Francis Read and The Law Society.

Michael Turner and Steven Daultrey should be prosecuted for fraud.


Constructive Fraud
n. when the circumstances show that someone's actions give him/her an unfair advantage over another by unfair means (lying or not telling a buyer about defects in a product, for example), the court may decide from the methods used and the result that it should treat the situation as if there was actual fraud even if all the technical elements of fraud have not been proven.

SOLICITOR Duty Conflict of interest Claimant developing property to sell to purchaser Solicitor acting for both claimant and purchaser Purchaser known to solicitor as convicted fraudster and bankrupt Non disclosure to claimant of knowledge of purchaser's history Purchaser failing to complete Whether solicitor liable in damages. Hilton -v- Barker Booth & Eastwood



To date Francis Read has refused to meet me to discuss my claims, or even to accept telephone calls from me.




Because solicitor Francis Read negligently breached his fiduciary duty to me, and because the Limitation act does not apply in cases of fraud, which Francis Read's negligence permitted to take place, as perpetrated by Michael Turner and Mr Read's clerk, Steven Daultrey, who Mr Read nevertheless permitted to represent himself as an admitted solicitor despite his having been struck off as such several years beforehand. Francis Read and Steven Daultrey preferred the interests of their fraudster client, Michael Turner, over mine. It was my money - my life savings - that was to fund the venture they jointly promoted to me.


Why join The Law Society in the action?


Because it failed as regulator of the solicitors' profession, and because it failed me.


What do I want?


I want back my life savings that Turner and Daultrey inveigled from me using Daultrey's ostensible authority as being a solicitor regulated by The Law Society in the conduct of investment business, admitted to the firm of Francis Read and subsequently Donnellan & Co upon whose "professional" advice I relied.


How much?


My life savings amounted to seventy thousand pounds plus. I was denied the legitimate use of my savings, and my credit rating was ruined. I had been forced on to social security, while creditors were hounding me relentlessly. Francis Read owes me a great deal of money. I will share it with anyone prepared to help me sue him and The Law Society in the High Court, and to Hell with Maintenance and Champerty.


Where's the fraud?


Daultrey conspired with Turner to obtain for Turner, himself and Francis Read a pecuniary advantage by deception, which is theft.


Where's the meat?


Here is just a taster:



Here is a sample of supporting documents:


Documents. Especially pertinent is the Solicitors' Lie Detector, which features samples of astonishing admissions.


More rationale:


Struck off


In case you want more reasoning:


Lawyers for your Business

Law Society Questions


Who might help?


Anyone who cares about the moribund, corrupt condition of the law and legal system in England. If you want to sue a solicitor in this nasty, corrupt little country you can forget Legal Aid - you won't get it because it is administered by lawyers who protect themselves. Otherwise you had better have very deep pockets indeed, and even then you can still kiss most or all of your remaining funds goodbye as the lawyers do their utmost to leech it from you without delivering a thing except their own bills.


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