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The Cases Pending section is closed. Instead, UnjustIS will soon feature two new sections:


Private Forum.

This section will take the form of a private area to be accessed by invitation only. It will feature items for discussion, and lighter content for the enjoyment of members, all of whom may access each others' files and postings.


Restricted Area.

This section will feature more sensitive materials submitted by Registered users only. Registered users may share such materials only with whom they choose to share their access codes.


The Letters and Help Wanted sections have been removed due to abuse. Some parties seeking genuine help had been targeted by rogue advisors, although I am reconsidering adding a general letters section.


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Bantock - Jetstream Marketing Limited UJ0001 Fraud by a conman, Michael Turner, and a struck off solicitor, Steven Daultrey, who was readmitted to the profession by two solicitors' firms - Francis Read and Donnellan & Co of Mayfair - in the full knowledge of his criminal past, flouting the rules of their own regulator, the Law Society. 20 years' worth of one individual's savings wiped out in just a few months by fraudsters operating within the Law Society. In addition, everyone else dealing with the fraudsters' operation lost considerably. Complaints about solicitors swept aside, and a fair hearing and access to justice denied. Turner has since permanently moved to Cyprus on 02 Nov 2004. Steven Daultrey lied about his past to the Solicitors' Disciplinary Tribunal and was restored to the Roll of solicitors in November 2004.

09 Nov 2002


May 2008

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