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Lloyds Bank



Lloyds Bank's Small Business Guide recommended in 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 and beyond, that:

"Solicitors can be particularly useful during the formation of your business."



Business advice: on the legal form of your business (that is, sole trader, partner, limited company), on personal guarantees,"

And a litany of similar misleading advice. UJ


Do not forget that you might be sued for taking the advice of Lloyds... by Lloyds.


See: Rogue Traders


Lloyds also recommends sending "a formal letter preferably from your solicitor, either threatening to take legal action to recover the debt or to start bankruptcy or winding-up proceedings (p. 331) or threatening to use a debt-collection agency. Keep the threat."


It goes on to say that you should ask your solicitor's advice when considering legal proceedings to recover debts owed to you.


If your solicitor is corrupt and in cahoots with criminals, Lloyds will sue you anyway, despite its start-up advice. Your quest for justice will fail regardless.

Rule Britannia!


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