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July 2006


The Cases Pending section is closed. Instead, UnjustIS will soon feature a new section:


Restricted Area.

This section will feature more sensitive materials submitted by Registered users only. Registered users may share such materials only with whom they choose to share their access codes.


The Letters and Help Wanted sections have been removed due to abuse. Some parties seeking genuine help had been targeted by rogue advisors, although I am reconsidering adding a general letters section.



Summary of cases pending



No. of cases

Fraud and conspiracy to defraud

Knowing assistance with or participation in bogus investment schemes, or schemes of no legitimate commercial purpose. High Yield Investment Schemes, mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, probate fraud. Deliberate withholding of crucial information. Laundering of proceeds of crime.

Being compiled


Misappropriation of clients' funds, theft from firm, forgery of signatures and documents, theft of property/title.


Conflict of interest

Acting for more than one client without the knowledge of one or more clients as party or parties to an action or instruction. Divorce: ostensibly acting for one spouse while secretly working for the other (1 case). Preferring the interests of one client over those of another. (small builders/developers are often victims, often boasts a large element of fraud)


Misrepresentation/holding out

Holding out or allowing an employee to hold themselves out as having greater authority than actual. (Fraudulent elements also apply)



Charging for work not done - disbursements also offer much scope for overcharging.



Sale or promotion of inappropriate/inadequate financial services.



Negligent misrepresentation, deliberate misrepresentation, omission, failure to comply with instructions, missing deadlines/shut-off dates



Loss or misplacement of documents including wills. The Law Society denies receiving written complaints, even when sent by Recorded Delivery and signed for!






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