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Bank of England alerted to BCCI fraud risk in 1984 Observer 21 Dec 2003
Channel 4's Dispatches program puts judges in the dock. Gazette 19 Dec 2003
Ex-lawyer sentenced for fraud (with a nod to Scotland) BBC 14 Dec 2003
A solicitor pleaded guilty this week to stealing over half a million pounds from his clients. Roll on Friday 12 Dec 2003
Department for Constitutional Affairs has a new web site. Rich, useful, and easy to navigate. Download the Autumn Performance Report as a .pdf Department for Constitutional Affairs 05 Dec 2003
"Unprecedented" interim report by the Legal Services Ombudsman on the performance of the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors.

Law Society Gazette (sorry - link busted)

OLSO - download full report (still works)

28 Nov 2003
US prosecutors have charged 47 currency traders with a range of criminal offences, including fraud. BBC 20 Nov 2003
New figures show banks' increasing reliance on due diligence checks. Proper checks might have revealed the true credentials of a struck off solicitor. ICC Commercial Crime Services 09 Nov 2003
A solicitor who employed a disgraced former lawyer at his practice without the permission of his governing body was suspended for six and a half months.

Solicitor Francis Read still gets away with having done the same.

Camberley News & Mail   and


09 Nov 2003
Which? condemns Law Society Helpline for misinforming callers. Nothing new there, then. Which? 09 Nov 2003

Lawyer shot repeatedly as he hides behind tree.

This barbaric action is not the way to settle disputes or grievances. Deepest sympathies to the victim and his family.

No Link here 03 Nov 2003

Montreal Declaration on Public Access to Law

This is not new news as the declaration was made in October 2002. It is important, however, hence its promotion here. Find access to World Legal Information Institutes here: Research

Worldlii Declaration 01 Nov 2003
First female Law Lord appointed BBC 01 Nov 2003
Microsoft runs search for a way to take over internet giant Google The Guardian 01 Nov 2003
Three cheers for Google The Independent 25 Oct 2003
Legal Aid system in crisis The Guardian 13 Oct 2003
Solicitor stole from elderly clients BBC 03 Oct 2003
Threat of huge fines on Law Society. Clare Dyer writes for The Guardian The Guardian 30 Sept 2003
Two Devon MPs have been meeting senior officials of the Law Society over unpaid compensation claims against a disgraced Barnstaple solicitor. BBC 29 Sept 2003
Deputy Judge drunk and disorderly Roll on Friday 26 Sept 2003
Legal Aid in crisis Roll on Friday 26 Sept 2003
Taxpayers face 1.5m bill for services of barristers and solicitors at inquiry, writes Robert Verkaik of The Independent. Independent 25 Sept 2003
Threat of legal action against the owner of Bullyonline, Tim Field. Tim Field 15 Sept 2003
Law Society "gives up" on self-regulation (?) Roll on Friday 12 Sept 2003
Attorney urges fraud crackdown, writes Clare Dyer in The Guardian. Not before time, says UnjustIS The Guardian 12 Sept 2003

Solicitor suspended over fraud. A Shropshire solicitor who moved thousands of pounds from clients' accounts to his own firm has been suspended for five years.

BBC News 11 Sept 2003
Minister declares war on white-collar crime. Robert Verkaik of The Independent writes: Tax dodgers, City cheats and money launderers are to face tough prison sentences under a government offensive against white-collar criminals, the Attorney General announced yesterday. The Independent 09 Sept 2003
The Fraud Advisory Panel publishes its report on the state of fraud in Britain, which now costs more than 13.8bn per year. Good Grief! FAP news release 05 Sept 2003
The Solicitors' Disciplinary Tribunal publishes its annual reports 2001 & 2002. Download as PDF files. SDT Reports 25 Aug 2003
The Legal Services Ombudsman publishes her 2003 annual report. Download it as a pdf file. OLSO 10 July 2003
NEW YORK (Reuters) - A London solicitor, Andrew Warren, has pleaded guilty to attempted racketeering in connection with an international stock fraud conspiracy that operated in New York and Britain, prosecutors said Thursday. Warren is a former partner of London solicitors Talbot, Greggy & Co Forbes 01 July 2003

A North Devon solicitor, Philip Huxtable, has been struck off for overcharging clients by more than 100,000.

Jailed July 2005

BBC News 01 July 2003
A high flying solicitor, Adrian Jackman, who swindled nearly 2m from clients to spend on his mistress and foreign investments, has been struck off. BBC News 01 July 2003
The North Yorkshire solicitor, Jeremy Cave, found guilty of stealing almost 155,000 from the estates of his dead clients has been struck off the Solicitors' roll. BBC News 01 July 2003
A former solicitor, Shirley Harrison, has been sentenced to three years in prison for taking more than 400,000 left to people in wills. BBC News 29 June 2003

Solicitors' offices raided. Drug trafficking and money laundering in Lancashire and West Yorkshire. The Law Society claims to have been helping the police in the investigations leading to the raids.

BBC News 26 June 2003
Important new forum launched for victims of fraud and fraud fighters. Have your say, and learn what others are saying about schemes, scams and frauds. Crimes-of-Persuasion forum 15 June 2003
After 1400 years the office of Lord Chancellor is to be abolished. This move Pivots on the retirement of the last incumbent, Lord Irvine of Lairg. UnjustIS will follow this issue closely. Meantime, read the leading broadsheets and UK government announcements using the links on the right. To find more news sources, visit the Research section.

The Independent

The Times

The Daily Telegraph

The Guardian

Department for Constitutional Affairs

10 Downing Street

13 June 2003
Marie Woolf writes for The Independent under the headline: Blunkett says legal system is 200 years out of date.  Hear, hear. The Independent 07 June 2003
Valerie Hannah writes for The Herald, commenting on a 27% increase in complaints against solicitors in Scotland during 2002 The Herald 23 May 27 May 2003
Neasa MacErlean writes for Cash in the Observer newspaper about a new Law Society charter intended to reduce complaints about solicitors. UnjustIS has downloaded the Law Society's documents on the matter, but remains highly skeptical.

Observer article - "Solicitors in the spotlight"

The Observer - Cash

The Law Society - download the new Charter documents here.

19 March 2003





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