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This page features news and news items relating to UnjustIS matters.  Follow the hyperlinks to the external source (opens in a new window) or an UnjustIS news sheet.  Most recently posted items top the list.  To report broken or outdated links please visit the Contacts section.

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 October 2004




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Fury over legal aid for wealthy lawyer

A WEALTHY city lawyer who admitted embezzling £20,000 from clients has caused outrage after it was revealed he was given taxpayers’ cash during his court case. Critics have slammed a decision to pay legal aid to Richard McAnulty, 46, despite the fact he lives in a £400,000 house, drives a Mercedes, runs a successful chain of sandwich shops and has two children at a fee-paying school.

The Scotsman 31 Oct

"Solicitor masterminded massive legal aid fraud

A flamboyant lawyer best known for representing murderer Tracie Andrews has served a jail sentence for masterminding a multi-million Legal Aid fraud, it can be revealed today. Solicitor Timothy Robinson, now 60, was convicted of conspiring to systematically defraud the Legal Aid system of huge sums of cash over a period of almost six years." (Independent)

"More than 20 staff from Robinsons Solicitors - which had offices in Cheltenham, Gloucester, Bristol and Swindon - have been convicted of defrauding the Legal Aid system. On Friday, as the final trial collapsed, reporting restrictions were lifted, and the full extent of the crimes could at last be revealed." (BBC)

An account of the case is also published today by the Gloucestershire Constabulary in an information pack “Operation Alison”. Contact Chelmsford (01242) 276071.


The Scotsman


Serious Fraud Office


Operation Alison Media Release

29 Oct

Miners deceived on pensions

A financial advisor who took almost £800,000 from the miners' pension fund at Tower Colliery, has been found guilty of deception. Workers who bought Wales' last deep mine employed Colin Stanton to set up a pension scheme, but they found money they expected had disappeared. Stanton was found guilty of four charges of evading liability by deception at Reading Crown Court. Update: Miners' Claims News 2004-2007


'Extortionate' debt is wiped out

A judge has wiped out a couple's debt of £384,000 which had spiralled from £5,750 due to "extortionate" compounded interest rates.

BBC 29 Oct
Office of the Legal Services Complaints Commissioner is launched The Lawyer 29 Oct

Chancery Lane receives complaints handling targets

The Legal Services Complaints Commissioner Zahida Manzoor has issued the Law Society with its first set of targets for complaints handling — and has warned it that she will not accept excuses for under performance.

Legal Week

Yorkshire Post

29 Oct

Law Society Complaints Target Raised - by Just 2%

The Law Society will be expected to increase the number of complaints it resolves within three months by only 2% over the next two and half years, under new targets unveiled today.

The Scotsman 28 Oct

Millions get milked from Bay of Plenty

The Serious Fraud Office and the Securities Commission estimate Bay of Plenty people have been fleeced of up to $100 million over the past decade by fraudsters. They say people, ranging from the elderly to small business owners, have been duped into high-yield investment schemes through newspaper advertisements, cold-calling from overseas brokers and sales pitches from people who have smooth-talked their way into community groups.

New Zealand Herald

(Trying to re-establish link) UJ Nov 2005

This might work Nov 2005

28 Oct

Row over keeping whistleblowing claims under wraps

The government is facing a battle with MPs and peers over new rules for employment tribunals which keep whistleblowing claims over corruption, fraud, disregard of public safety and other misdeeds under wraps.

Guardian 28 Oct

Solicitors stole from bankrupt company

A solicitors' watchdog has welcomed a ruling to strike off two solicitors who stole £53,000 from a bankrupt client. Peter Wilson, aged 57, and Richard Lloyd, aged 56, have been thrown out of their profession after admitting dishonesty.

IC Coventry

28 Oct


A DISGRACED lawyer accused of fleecing cash has gone bankrupt owing up to £750,000. Douglas Criggie, 47, was investigated by the fraud squad after allegations that he swiped clients' money at his Edinburgh practice.

Sunday Mail 24 Oct

Barrister Tax Cheat Put Behind Bars

INLAND REVENUE PROSECUTIONS News Release (TP29/04) issued by the Government News Network on 22 October 2004. Richard Deighton (58) a barrister of 146 Bognor Road, Chichester was sentenced to 9 months jail today at Maidstone Crown Court.

The Scotsman 23 Oct

Solicitor fined over widow's cheque

ONE of Yorkshire's leading lawyers was fined £10,000 yesterday after an £80,000 insurance cheque was put into the office account instead of being paid to a widow. A Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal heard that Max Gold Partnership, of Silver Street, Hull, operated a life insurance scheme that paid out in the event of the death of an employee. When worker James Evans died in 2001, his wife Mary should have received £80,000.

Yorkshire Post 23 Oct
Financially compromised fraud victims are denied justice in England Rogue Traders update 22 Oct

Investors eye Parmalat lawsuit bonus

LONDON (Reuters) - Investors holding Parmalat debt are betting that the bankrupt Italian food giant could reap a windfall of up to 800 million euros (550 million pounds) from lawsuits against its banks and accountants, traders say.

Reuters 22 Oct

Society to test POCA in Court of Appeal

The Law Society is to make its long-awaited court challenge to the money laundering regulations in a Court of Appeal case to be heard at the end of November.

Law Society Gazette 22 Oct

Judge throws out record damage claim against FT

LONDON (Reuters) - A judge says he will strike out a record 230.5-million-pound claim for special damages by investment bank Collins Stewart against the Financial Times.


20 Oct

Investment scams fleece the experienced

LONDON (Reuters) - The typical victim of an investment scam is male, professional, middle-aged and with considerable investment experience, according to the Financial Services Authority.


20 Oct

Information 'will be free' under new Act

The Lord Chancellor, Lord Falconer, has told journalists that requests for information under the new Freedom of Information Act will be free of charge in the vast majority of cases.


20 Oct

Spotlight falls on complaints procedures at Scots law body

THE Scottish Legal Services Ombudsman pronounced herself "delighted" last week that the powers of her office are to be strengthened, amid renewed controversy over the way the Law Society of Scotland handles complaints against solicitors.

The Herald

18 Oct

A law unto themselves

The Law Society wants us to love our solicitors, but the number of complaints means it is a difficult case to prove. 'My hero, my solicitor' is the unlikely slogan for a poster campaign designed to impress upon an uncaring British public just how wonderful lawyers are. 'Hero' certainly isn't the word that David Smith would choose to sum up his feelings towards his lawyer.


17 Oct

Gangsters, blackmail and sleaze in the ugly game

It might be our favourite sport but a shocking tale of soccer greed and corruption emerged in a court case last week


17 Oct

Ireland's new press council will carry the force of law

THE Irish government is to introduce a new defence of “fair approach” into the country’s libel laws, while setting up a statutory press council that allows media “self-regulation” of the industry.

Times Online

17 Oct

A reward for failure

Seven staff blamed for helping to land a £7.5 million compensation bill on Birmingham housing department have been sacked. The seven had been responsible for examining council houses where tenants were suing the council for allowing the properties to fall into disrepair. Three of the seven have now found jobs with the same legal firms which pocketed millions by winning compensation for tenants, it emerged today.

IC Birmingham 16 Oct

Calif. Lawyer Convicted of Bilking Clients

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - A jury Thursday convicted a once-prominent attorney who lived a pampered, lavish lifestyle for stealing millions from clients including low-income tenants, disabled children and struggling immigrants.

Guardian 16 Oct

Laywers turn poachers in legal aid crisis

Chronic underfunding of legal aid has led to the "cancer of firms stealing clients from each other", a lawyer said yesterday.

Telegraph 16 Oct

Judge: Legal Aid Rules May Stifle Building Challenges

A top judge warned today that the present legal aid system could prevent environmental challenges to building development ever reaching the courts. Lord Justice Brooke, vice president of the civil division of the Court of Appeal, called for a study into the “difficult issue”, involving Government departments, the professions and the Legal Services Commission which provides legal aid.

The Scotsman 15 Oct

Law chief wants aid as public service

The president of the Law Society will call on the Government today to make legal aid a front line public service alongside health and education in the fight against social exclusion. Edward Nally is expected to warn the Law's Society annual conference in Birmingham that legal aid is in crisis and communities across the country face alienation from the justice system if it is continually ignored.

IC Birmingham 15 Oct

EU whistleblower in £130m case is fired

The outgoing European Commission sacked its most tenacious whistleblower yesterday in a final settling of scores, prompting furious protests from Euro-MPs. Marta Andreasen, the former chief accountant, was dismissed without pay following a 28-month inquiry after she spoke out against the European Union's "Enron-style" book-keeping.

Telegraph 14 Oct

Criminal bar calls for new approach to costly fraud trials

It is an extraordinary fact that roughly 50 per cent of the legal aid budget for Crown Court trials is spent on one per cent of the cases.

Telegraph 14 Oct

No win, no fee lawyers must repay £50m

Hundreds of small law firms that took on "no win, no fee" cases from The Accident Group are having to reimburse claimants millions of pounds under new guidelines from the Law Society.

Telegraph 14 Oct

We have to dig deeper

WE will all have to dig much deeper into our pockets if we are to afford a decent retirement.
But it can only be achieved if all of us - government, workers and employers - pull together and face up to our responsibilities.


I don't trust the politicians or "professionals" any more.

13 Oct

Admiral's Conman Son Jailed for £1.2M Fraud

An admiral’s son who betrayed his privileged background to embark on a life of crime was jailed for three and a half years today for a £1.2 million investment scam. Roddam Twiss, 64, whose father was also a former House of Lords Black Rod, dazzled victims with “big talk and small print”, frequent name dropping and unrealistic schemes to help the Third World.

The Scotsman 13 Oct

Ex-Cid Man to Be Sentenced for £90,000 Fraud

A former police officer will be sentenced today after attempting to defraud a children’s fund of more than £90,000. Kurtis Nwadikwa-Jonathan, an ex-CID officer in the London borough of Newham, earlier pleaded guilty at Middlesex Crown Court to two charges of misconduct in a public office.

The Scotsman 13 Oct

40-year 'career' of fraudster in £1.2m scam

A serial fraudster who preyed on successful businessmen has been jailed for three and a half years for a £1.2 million scam. Roddam Twiss, who was convicted of conspiracy to steal, duped wealthy Americans with a complex financial scheme promising high returns which were never delivered.

This is London 13 Oct

Solicitor 'Groomed 14-Year-Old Girls'

An Exeter solicitor sexually assaulted two 14-year-old girls at his home on the same day, a court heard today. Robert Briscoe, 38, touched one of the girls on her bottom as she descended from his loft – where he kept a mattress and porn films.

The Scotsman 13 Oct

Furore as non-Welsh judge is appointed

MAGISTRATES yesterday demanded new-style judges in North Wales courts should speak Welsh.
The JPs are angry the area's first district judge, Andrew Shaw, is not a Welsh speaker, despite previous calls the job should go to a lawyer fluent in the language.

IC North Wales 13 Oct

Rooney's agent may face police perjury inquiry

POLICE officers are to meet prosecutors to decide whether to launch a perjury investigation against Wayne Rooney's agent. Detectives will meet lawyers at the Crown Prosecution Service and analyse the answers given in court by Paul Stretford

IC CheshireOnline 13 Oct

Keeping an eye on judges

The appointment of judges has withstood age-old accusations of cronyism and old-boy patronage.
The stereotype of the white, upper class public-school educated member of the judiciary still persists, despite the considerable advances in achieving a meritocratic bench.

IC Birmingham 13 Oct

Beware latest scam: money laundering

Small businesses are being warned to be on the look-out for the latest letter scam, using the money laundering rules to frighten them into handing over money.

Shout99 13 Oct

Plans to increase female judges

Plans to increase the number of female judges in England and Wales by encouraging flexible working hours are being set out by the government. (Hear, hear. UJ)

BBC 13 Oct

Conman solicitor is jailed

A LAWYER who conned clients out of more than £19,000 was jailed for 18 months yesterday. Edinburgh sheriff Douglas Allan told 46-year old Richard McAnulty a custodial sentence was the only appropriate one.

Daily record 13 Oct

Secretive agency accused of going too far in crackdown on crime assets

New agency threatens the proceeds of crime.

Guardian 12 Oct

Millions facing pensions 'misery'

A major report into UK pensions is expected to warn on Tuesday that millions face retirement poverty unless they work longer or save more.


Thinking aloud

12 Oct

RAC pushes for Clementi’s B+ regulatory law model

The RAC is calling for a radical reformation of the legal profession to allow the incorporation of practices owned by non-solicitors.

The Lawyer 11 Oct

International agencies join forces to combat spam

Global cooperation on network security, law enforcement and heightened consumer awareness is needed to help shield internet users from spam, said the OFT today at a conference of international spam enforcement agencies in London.

OFT 11 Oct

Asylum advisers face axe

More than 1,000 of the 2,500 immigration and asylum advisers in Britain may be "struck off" by next April because of problems surrounding a new state accreditation scheme, the Law Centres Federation has warned.

Guardian 11 Oct

Disclosure burden falls on clients

The Treasury has come up with a solution to break the deadlock after lawyers indicated they would not reveal details of their client's tax avoidance arrangements. Get the clients to tell the Revenue themselves.

Shout99 11 Oct

Legal Developments: Fraud-busters

Governments around the world are getting wise to the problems of fraud and are beginning to put in place rules that ensure the perpetrators do not get away with it. Carolyn Boyle reports

Legal Week 07 Oct

Judicial reform bill flawed, says watchdog

The lord chancellor's plans to reform the way judges are appointed were attacked as "wrong-headed" and "flawed" yesterday by his own watchdog, the Commission for Judicial Appointments (CJA).

Guardian 07 Oct

Rally ace driven up £3m garden path

FORMER World Champion rally driver Colin McRae was the victim of a £3m sponsorship con by a "Walter Mitty" businessman from Wales. The rally ace, 36, was tricked into believing soft drinks giant Coca Cola was backing him with the multi- million pound deal. But a court yesterday heard the deal was a "total fantasy" dreamed up by businessman Jody Oliver, 26, in a bid to win the friendship of his motorsports hero.

IC Wales 06 Oct

Solicitor 'failed to voice suspicions'

A Belfast solicitor has been jailed for six months for failing to tell police about his suspicions that a client was laundering drug money. Gavin David McCartan, 46, from Ardenlee Avenue,...

BBC 04 Oct

Community Legal Service slammed by DCA report

The Community Legal Service (CLS), which from 1 April 2000 replaced the old civil scheme of legal aid, has been criticised following an independent review on behalf of the Department of Constitutional Affairs (DCA).

The Lawyer 04 Oct

Complaint figures don't always mean what they say

COMPLAINTS about solicitors for mis-selling of endowment policies have soared in the last year according to the Law Society of Scotland.

The Scotsman 04 Oct

Online banking fraud soars as fake emails trick customers

Hundreds of thousands of online bankers are leaving themselves open to fraud, with 4.5m pounds ($12m) stolen from 2,000 people in the UK in the past nine months.

New Zealand Herald 04 Oct

Fraud investigation 'needs regulating'

Criminal gangs involved in money laundering and other financial crime will escape prosecution unless the fraud investigation industry is forced to adopt recognised qualifications, the government was told yesterday.

Guardian o4 Oct

How Cheney's firm routed $132m to Nigeria via Tottenham lawyer

A lawyer, based in offices in a run-down part of north London, worked with three British executives from the US construction group Halliburton to pay at least $132m (£73m) in "unjustified" fees to contacts in Nigeria..."Halliburton has admitted it paid $132m to Jeffrey Tesler, a UK lawyer. Mr Tesler's firm, Kaye Tesler, is based on a run down high street in Tottenham, north London."

Independent 03 Oct

Solicitor in court on fraud charge.

A CALDERDALE solicitor was among five people to appear in court accused of taking part in a housing scam. Norman Hopwood (77), of Bramley Lane, Hipperholme, and Maria Kitson, (50), of Parkwood Street, Keighley, are charged along with Mehfooz Hussain, (26), Shakeela Bibi, (26) and Mahmood Hussain, (31), all of Fairfield Road, Idle, Bradford, with conspiracy to defraud.

Halifax Today 01 Oct

Customs investigator suspended

The chief investigator at Customs and Excise has been suspended as Scotland Yard inquiries continue into a series of excise frauds in the mid-1990s. Director general of law enforcement Terry Byrne has been suspended on full pay along with solicitor David Pickup.


The Scotsman

30 Sep

Law Society stalls on split-up plan

The Law Society’s ruling council has rejected a bid to split Chancery Lane into separate regulatory and representative bodies — voting instead to delay a decision until after Sir David Clementi concludes his report into legal regulation.

Legal Week 30 Sep





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