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Solicitors' Lie Detector

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May 2004

Updated Feb 2006


This relates to the Rogue Traders case

The samples below are taken from the Rogue Traders Documents section


Update February 2005: The Law society restores Steven Daultrey to the Roll. This is inexplicable, especially as his clients include fraudsters.


Fraudsters' Checklist


The Law Society's Consumer Complaints Service



Solicitor/Organisation Comments

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Francis Read, Mayfair Happy to take money from the company his corrupt, struck off solicitor clerk, Steven Daultrey, had jointly promoted with his fraudster client/friend, but denies any liability there for. Or use this link

Francis Read, Mayfair

Admitted a struck off solicitor, Steven Daultrey, in the full knowledge of his criminal past. Claims to have obtained permission from the Law Society to do so. Crooked solicitor brought crooked clients to Francis Read's firm. Shameful.

Corrupt solicitors or use this link

The Law Society

The Law Society denies having given such permission: author, Ian Warr

Law society nonplussed or use this link

The Law Society

And denies it again, this time by a different officer, Christopher Hare.

Determined to act? or use this link

Solicitors' Disciplinary Tribunal

Strikes Daultrey off in 1982 for lying to clients and stealing their money

View the findings

Solicitors' Disciplinary Tribunal Years later cites Daultrey's involvement in the matter of the closure and subsequent striking off of Richard Donnellan of Donnellan & Co from where Daultrey continued to hold out as a solicitor of twenty years' standing. View the findings
Solicitors' Disciplinary Tribunal Ignores its own previous findings and other intelligence provided, example below. Rewards Daultrey by restoring him to the Roll regardless. View the findings
Overseas Company registration Agents (OCRA) Daultrey continued at the offices of OCRA to pretend to be a solicitor while still struck off. Struck off but holding out


Liquidator Nigel Mallett of NMGW, Bristol. September 2000

"You have stated that I invoiced Mr Turner at "an inflated value for the company's residual stock to ensure my own remuneration. This is categorically not the case"

Oh, really? See below

or use this link

Liquidator  Nigel Mallett of NMGW, Bristol. October 1996

"By agreement, in order to cover my minimal costs, I invoiced Michael Turner an inflated amount for company assets..."

Illegal, but you can get away with anything in Britain.


or use this link

Barlow Lyde and Gilbert

A member of the Law Society's first line of defence.


coming soon

Meanwhile: OSS drivels a response to my MP's inquiry. This is one of the more astonishing collections of blatant lies, evasion and obfuscation encountered during the complaints process. OSS Drivel, lies, evades, and generally passes everything off as "policy"
Solicitors Indemnity Fund. Sunil Baldev provides the expected hostile response to a reasoned approach, confirming all the lies I have so far been told by the solicitors' profession, which will stop at nothing to protect itself and its members. or use this link
Defamation Claims I have so far published on this site only some of the more evocative material, as befitting a rant. The drier powder is being featured in the Restricted Area. Anyone wishing to access this material, especially those who have accused me of defaming them, must apply for access codes. Restricted Area





I have some questions for the Law Society.


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