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If you want to find a solicitor in England, the Law Society has its own pages: Law Society in England & Wales


If something has gone wrong in your life you might need the services of a suitably qualified solicitor. Before finding or choosing a solicitor, however, I suggest that you first check the pages in the table below.


First a warning: any business or investment opportunity that involves solicitors should be treated with the utmost caution.




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Lawyers for your business

Many solicitors are dishonest and work in collusion with criminals. Refer to this page before retaining a solicitor for any business, investment venture, or wills and probate matter.

Probate Fraud

Beneficiaries are being swindled out of millions of pounds by trusted advisers including solicitors. Check extremely carefully the credentials of any solicitor you are thinking of retaining for wills and probate matters.

Struck off solicitors

There are thousands of struck off solicitors. Many creep back into the profession, with or without permission from The Law Society, so be absolutely certain that you are retaining or seeking advice from a fully qualified solicitor with a valid practicing certificate.

Solicitors' regulation The Law Society exists primarily to protect the interests of solicitors, not your rights and expectations. The Law Society is little more than a trade union - it is not a state authority
More about the Law Society Some selections from the press, several lamenting the rapidly falling standards of honesty and trustworthiness of solicitors. This page also contains additional links.
News Considerable press reporting about dishonest or crass solicitors, and other financial scandals.
News Roundup A news selection of Solicitors and other lawyers making the bad news during the last two years

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