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Similar sites section updated

Similar Sites

26 Nov 2007

Updates to Alerts section - scams and cons


09 Feb 2007

Complainants may register online their views about service received from solicitors and the Law Society

Legal Services Complaints Commissioner (link now defunct)

26 Sep 2006

Conversations with a lawyer acting for creditors of a fraudulent company.

Atlantic Law

02 Aug 2006

New sections under development: Private Forum and Restricted Area. Links on left.

17 July 2006

Link added to Joe Dowling's video commentary about the Law Society's double standards.

Similar Sites

06 July 2006

Justice uncovered: article added


11 June 2006

New file search utility added: Agent Ransack.


23 May 2006

New Miners' Claims News section added to feature selected press reporting since 2004

Miners' Claims News

18 May 2006

Specialist Fraud Panel data updated for Bivonas

Specialist Fraud Panel

18 may 2006

Forthcoming: UK miners' claims and greedy lawyers, and a new section attending to Commonwealth and legacy territories' news about lawyers and the legal professions.   17 May 2006

New OCR utility added


09 Apr 2006

Champions section permanently removed 06 Dec 2005
The Law Society reveals exactly how corrupt it has become, attempting to rewrite history and pretending that a struck off solicitor was never struck off at all. See Special items in the News section. News 11 Nov 2005
Free image resizing utility from Microsoft Utilities 07 Nov 2005
Various news items including more items about dishonest lawyers News 07 Nov 2005
New blog telling a disturbing story added Similar Sites 26 Sept 2005
A crisis of professional self-regulation – the example of the solicitors’ profession Articles 21 Sept 2005
Compensation for Inadequate Professional Services - article added Articles 06 Sept 2005
News Roundup - archived items added News Roundup 06 Sept 2005
Diligizer Board - From today the board will be CLOSED to new posts by members. News 01 Sept 2005

Solicitors' Disciplinary Tribunal publishes 2004 and 2005 reports


06 Aug

Solicitors Basil Dearing and John Greenwood cleared of money laundering charges News July 2005 26 July 2005
Topical news, and Essential Stuff
Solicitor Huxtable jailed News July 2005 13 July 2005
Some example data relating to miners' claims added to supplement news reporting Miners' claims sample data 02 July 2005

UltraEdit-32 v11.10 has now been released

(Thanks to Ian D. Mead)


24 June 2005

UK Residents should be wary of telephoned investment or financial services offers from overseas callers.


21 June 2005

160 letters that get results, a new Which? book, shows how to complain effectively and obtain redress for most consumer problems.

Press Release

26 May 2005

Solicitors' Lie Detector updated with an astonishing confession from a liquidator ... Lie Detector 23 May 2005

History is expensive: a high-maintenance commodity beyond price.

Articles - coming soon

05 May 2005

Pictures of fraudsters added to Rogue Traders case - in the Cyprus sunshine !


18 Apr 2005

PDFCreator - easily creates PDFs from any Windows program. Use it like a printer in Word, StarCalc or any other Windows application.


15 Apr 2005

Geoff Covey has updated his web site at Total Edit Solutions


Link broken at July 2007

09 Apr 2005

More resources added to Research section, Including Roger Horne's YAWS resource.


03 Apr 2005

UnjustIS forgot to mention its contributors: apologies to the DTI and Lloyds Bank. Others forthcoming.

Lloyds Bank


27 Mar 2005

Champions section restored after receiving a reasoned plea for balance Champions 22 Mar 2005
Sweeping reforms to regulatory and representative functions of legal professional bodies Lord Chancellor's speech 21 Mar 2005
Added full text of Which? 2001 Press Release Which? 2001 20 Mar 2005
News section and news sheets redesigned News 12 Mar 2005
Information for Victims and Research sections updated Main menu (left) 10 Mar 2005
Struck off solicitor, Steven Daultrey, restored to the Roll of solicitors

Feature in preparation

Meanwhile consider News

25 Feb 2005
News Roundup added - solicitors and other lawyers making the news from 2003-Feb 2005 News Roundup 10 Feb 2005
Track case No.: CO/778/2004 In Strictest Confidence 05 Feb 2005
New case in support of Rogue Traders case Documents 05 Feb 2005
Alerts section enhanced Alerts 04 Feb 2005
Contact details for Legal Services Commissioner added Information for Victims 03 Feb 2005
Even lawyers become stressed Information for victims 03 Feb 2005
Find a solicitor page added Find 28 Jan 2005
Adobe's PDF ifilter opens pdf documents to scrutiny by the Windows search facility. Utilities 25 Jan 2005

Links to similar sites added

Similar Sites

22 Jan 2005

Domain owner report - look up registrants or domain owners


17 Jan 2005

CoolWhois added to Utilities section - look up any domain


17 Jan 2005

Wayback Machine added to Research section - billions of archived web pages and sites


17 Jan 2005

UnjustIS is attempting to build a list or database of struck off or disciplined solicitors or lawyers in England and Wales.

Struck off

14 Jan 2005

We all suffer from learning difficulties at some time, no matter how able.

Housing Options

11 Jan 2005

Freedom of Information issues and requests/demands for information will attract a reasonable charge.   01 Jan 2004
Video shorts added to News section News 26 Dec 2004
DIY Law services from Lawpack Information for Victims 10 Dec 2004
Solicitor Jeremy Franks sentenced in connection with tax fraud scheme News Release & earlier reporting 05 Dec 2004
Dr Ju Gosling explores the difficulties faced by 'disabled' people in the workplace. Information for Victims 02 Dec 2004
New page added for The Law Society of Scotland LSS 25 Nov 2004
New section added - awkward questions Questions 23 Nov 2004
Mike Turner - Michael Turner - and Jackie Dyer - Jacqueline Dyer - have moved to Cyprus on 02 November 2004. England became too hot for them, no doubt. Turner and Dyer 14 Nov 2004
More detail and documents added to appraisal of the Law Society's Consumer Complaints Service CCS 12 Nov
Decent Solicitors amended and updated Decent Solicitors 10 Nov
Additions to the Law Society Consumer Complaints Service appraisal CCS 10 Oct
More names added to the Rogue Traders case Names 10 Oct 2004
New, sophisticated Phishing scam emerges Alerts 05 Nov 2004
Office of the Legal Services Complaints Commissioner is launched


Information for Victims

28 Oct 2004
Excellent synchronisation/backup utility added - SyncBack Utilities 27 Oct
More background to the activities of Michael Turner and associates. Rogue Traders Update 22 Oct
DTI launches new anti-scam web site Information for Victims 18 Oct 2004
Save more, work harder, longer? Trust the politicians and professions? I don't think so. Savings & Pensions 15 Oct 2004
I have made a mess of swapping servers - my sincere apologies to all users. I hope to reconstruct a decent forum soon, as well as adding more functionality.   29 Sept 2004
Memorandum of Understanding between the Association of Chief Police Officers and the Law Society of England and Wales - full text added MOU 02 Sept 2004
Minor update to the Lawyers for Your Business alert in Guidance notes 1 and 3 Lawyers For Your Business 24 Aug 2004
Specialist Fraud Panel members list unavailable on the Legal Services Commission's web site. Dark List 24 Aug 2004
Man of Letters added to Articles section. Just a harmless, brief ramble. Articles 12 Aug 2004
In Strictest Confidence - new developments In Strictest Confidence 05 Aug 2004
Some important questions for the Law Society of England and Wales. Questions 03 Aug 2004

A small bit of history added, for the sake of balance.

Decent Solicitors

31 Jul 2004

Fraudsters live the high life - the rest of us pick up the tab News 29 Jul 2004
Probate fraud costs millions. News 25 Jul 2004

Link to Legal Week article on Professional Indemnity Insurance


18 Jul 2004

BBC Radio 4 File on 4 about solicitors and the Law Society - transcript added News item 16 Jul 2004
Gov.uk launches anti-fraud website Information for Victims 15 Jul 2004

Some additional material on the Rogue Traders case


14 Jul 2004

BBC Television wants your feedback about solicitors and the Law Society Help Wanted 09 Jul 2004

Delays, negligence and mistakes…solicitors aren’t improving, says Which?

Which? Press Release

29 Jun 2004

"Memorandum of Understanding" between the Police and the Law Society MOU 22 Jun 2004
"Tesco law" arrives News 22 Jun 2004
Police alert over skimming scam Alerts 19 Jun 2004
Not for publication section added Restricted 17 Jun 2004
Letter from Casia Letters 16 Jun 2004
Additions to Addenda in Rogue Traders case - Bilmes, Chanas, Prismall's, Garson & Co Summary-Addenda 11 Jun 2004
Additions to Help wanted section Help Wanted 11 Jun 2004
Elm Capital Limited dissolved. Rogue Traders 10 Jun 2004
Office of Fair Trading publishes its response to The Independent Review of the Regulatory Framework for The Legal Professions in England & Wales. OFT Response 04 Jun 2004
Solicitors' Disciplinary Tribunal Annual Report 2003 now on this site as HTML 2003 Report 04 Jun 2004
Gee Whizz! - Article added Articles 03 Jun 2004
Dark List updates continue Dark List 02 Jun 2004

SDT publishes findings in the mater of Paul Francis Simms

SDT Ref: 8686/2002

Extracts are here

28 May 2004

Solicitors' Lie Detector under development Lie Detector 27 May 2004
Articles added Articles 22 May 2004
Specialist Fraud Panel in the spotlight SFP 18 May 2004
Link added to Mondaq article about money laundering Articles 08 May 2004
419 scam emails continue Advance Fee Frauds 03 May 2004
Still awaiting SDT's findings In Strictest Confidence 29 Apr 2004
Additions to Help Wanted section Help Wanted 29 Apr 2004
SDT publishes its findings in the matter of Paul Francis Simms In Strictest Confidence 28 Apr 2004
Topical news News 28 Apr 2004
Link added to Law Centres Federation Information for Victims 21 Apr 2004
Topical news News 21 Apr 2004
Solicitors complaints watchdog gets new name - again! News 20 Apr 2004
TV production seeks your input and help Help Wanted 20 April 2004
Topical news News 20 Apr 2004
Spammers are tracking you, warn security experts Alerts 16 Apr 2004
New email scam - Athens Olympics Alerts 15 Apr 2004
Cases Pending update Cases Pending 14 Apr 2004
Topical news News 14 Apr 2004
Online petition service - start your own petition. Information for victims 10 Apr 2004
Help Wanted section added Help Wanted 09 Apr 2004
Topical news News 05 Apr 2004
Alerts - new email scam hits British bank customers Alerts 26 Mar 2004
Topical news News 26 Mar 2004
Utilities update - Ultraedit Utilities 17 Mar 2004
Useful email utility added Utilities 16 Mar 2004
Topical news News 14 Mar 2004
Find your MP Information for Victims 09 Mar 2004
Topical news News 09 Mar 2004
In Strictest Confidence is slowly maturing... Articles 29 Feb 2004
Another small rant from me. DWP 29 Feb 2004
Topical news News 28 Feb 2004
Unregulated financial advisors face clampdown Alerts 21 Feb 2004
Link added to Mondaq - business news and research Research 20 Feb 2004
Topical news News 20 Feb 2004
More utilities - feel the rush Utilities 16 Feb 2004
Topical news News 14 Feb 2003
A costly Way to Learn - independent take on the Rogue Traders case Articles 14 Feb 2004
Million legal problems a year slip through net News 13 Feb 2004
Who's watching this Blog? (No obvious link yet - try this one) Who cares? 12 Feb 2004
In_strictest_confidence has changed a bit Artilces 12 Feb 2004
Big Issue - it won't go away. Information for Victims 12 Feb 2004
Topical news News 09 Feb 2004
More 419 scam email doing the rounds Advance Fee 06 Feb 2004
New utilities and services section added - just started, suggestions please. Utilities 05 Feb 2004
Link added to Legal Week - very good online journal Research 05 Feb 2004
Law Soc calls in firms to help reduce complaints overload News 05 Feb 2004
Legal survey reveals that fraudsters are top of the blacklist for the legal profession News 05 Feb 2004
Solicitors' Disciplinary Tribunal enunciates its findings... In Strictest Confidence 02 Feb 2004
Material in support of the Rogue Traders case. Rogue Traders 28 Jan 2004
Latest news added News 28 Jan 2004
Summaries of additional cases posted Cases Pending 23 Jan 2004
I was ruined by Shipman 'lawyer', says ex-solicitor News 19 Jan 2004
House-scam lawyer to be struck off News 19 Jan 2004
Police probe Shipman lawyer claim News 15 Jan 2004

Heat turned up on Parmalat


07 Jan 2004

Explore the UK pensions crisis in depth


07 Jan 2004

Updated a montage of views about the Law Society. (Articles section) Montage 26 Dec 2003
Bank of England alerted to BCCI fraud risk in 1984 News 21 Dec 2003
Tony Hetherington drums out the need for caution when considering investment offers from overseas. Alerts 21 Dec 2003
More resources added in Research section Research 20 Dec 2003
Channel 4's Dispatches program puts judges in the dock. News 19 Dec 2003
Link added to Victims of Crime Trust (UK) Information 16 Dec 2003
Ex-lawyer sentenced for fraud. News 14 Dec 2003
A solicitor pleaded guilty this week to stealing over half a million pounds from his clients. News 12 Dec 2003
Follow web discussions about a case pending Cases Pending 12 Dec 2003
Department for Constitutional Affairs launches new web site and publishes Autumn Performance Report. News 05 Dec 2003
An independent take on the Rogue Traders case - Adobe pdf file Rogues 02 Dec 2003
The Department of Trade and Industry launches its Consumer's Guide to Scams and Rip-offs Information 29 Nov 2003
Legal Services Ombudsman publishes "Unprecedented" interim report News 28 Nov 2003
Link to Community Legal Service Information 28 Nov 2003
Additional information in the Cases Pending section - Simms Cases Pending 28 Nov 2003
A leading national newspaper wants to know if UK citizens have lost money through investments promoted by overseas investment advisors. Boiler Rooms 26 Nov 2003
US prosecutors have charged 47 currency traders with a range of criminal offences, including fraud. News 20 Nov 2003
419 advance fee scammers get a taste of their own medicine. 419 Advance Fee 16 Nov 2003
Almost all the lawyer jokes Information 14 Nov 2003
Useful new legal site for ordinary people. Law4Today Information 14 Nov 2003
Which? tackles misinformation from the Law Society News 09 Nov 2003
Bertrand Russell on moving matter around Articles 08 Nov 2003
More names Names 08 Nov 2003
Lawyer shot repeatedly as he hides behind tree. News 03 Nov 2003
Champions section might be deleted Champions 02 Nov 2003
Link to Business Wire added. Research 02 Nov 2003
First female law lord appointed News 01 Nov 2003
Link added to ICC companies and financials database services. Research 30 Oct 2003
Email scam targets Halifax customers. Alerts 27 Oct 2003
Three cheers for Google. Vision can go a long way. News 25 Oct 2003
Mr Richard Tur's Teaching Pages copied here. Mr Tur does in no way endorse or condone the content, tenor or tenets of this site. I copied Mr Tur's work because I value it, and lest it be lost. Please also refer to Articles Richard Tur 23 Oct 2003
More Rogue Traders summary updates Rogue Traders Summary 22 Oct 2003
Advance fee frauds continue apace. Alerts 21 Oct 2003
A study of ethics in the legal profession, by Richard Tur Articles 18 Oct 2003S
More names in the Rogue Traders case Names 14 Oct 2003
Legal Aid system in crisis News 13 Oct 2003
Solicitor stole from elderly clients News 03 Oct 2003
Article added about The Law Society of England & Wales Articles 30 Sept 2003
Threat of huge fines on Law Society. Clare Dyer writes for The Guardian News 30 Sept 2003
Guidance notes updated in Lawyers for your Business. Warning 26 Sept 2003
Rogue Traders case information updated - directors & links to information. Rogue Traders 26 Sept 2003
Link to Consumers' Association's survey into solicitor complaints added. Lawyers for your Business 22 Sept 2003
New case added to supporting documents in Rogue Traders case. Adrian Allen and- Fuglers (A firm) Supporting Documents 20 Sept 2003
Another firm of solicitors prepared to sue other solicitors. Bolt Burdon. Information for Victims 19 Sept 2003
Threat of legal action against the owner of Bullyonline, Tim Field. News 15 Sept 2003
PayPal scam update Alerts 15 Sept 2003
Letters pages added - readers' views are invited. Letters 15 Sept 2003
Attorney-General urges fraud clampdown News 12 Sept 2003
Law Society "gives up" on self-regulation News 12 Sept 2003
Names - stirring the mix. Names 11 Sept 2003
Fraud Advisory Panel publishes the state of fraud in Britain News 05 Sept 2003
Links to Fraud Advisory Panel and Maxima added - fraud awareness and prevention. Research 05 Sept 2003
More "Advance Fee" email notices. Alerts 03 Sept 2003
Extraordinary Practice Direction 218 Articles 01 Sept 2003
A new, international compliance initiative is formed. Visit The International Compliance Association. Research 01 Sept 2003
I want to sue Solicitor Francis Read and join the Law Society in the action. Sue 31 Aug 2003
Latest advance fee "419" email scam originates from Taiwan. Alerts 31 Aug 2003
The Champions section remains stubbornly blank. Surely, someone has received outstanding service from solicitors? Champions 28 Aug 2003
High-pressure investment sales target the UK from unregulated overseas jurisdictions. Alerts 26 Aug 2003
The Future of Law?. Articles 25 Aug 2003
Solicitors' Disciplinary Tribunal publishes annual reports. News 25 Aug 2003
You can now search UnjustIS with Google. Search 23 Aug 2003
A firm of solicitors rarely publicises its willingness to tackle negligence and shortcomings within its own profession. Visit Baehrs Solicitors: Information for Victims 22 Aug 2003
Rogue Traders case updated Rogue Traders 21 Aug 2003
A new link to the excellent, UK based, How To Complain - about all sorts of things. Information for Victims 20 Aug 2003
More financial resources added to Research section - check out "investment" opportunities before you buy! Research 13 Aug 2003
Striking a solicitor off The Roll is a meaningless exercise. Struck off 09 Aug 2003
Champions section added. Good, public-spirited service from English lawyers. Champions 26 July 2003
Choosing lawyers for your prospective or established business. Business lawyers 26 July 2003





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