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2002 - September 2008

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The Justice Racket

"As usual, ladies and gentlemen, the only certain outcome of this case is that all of us in wigs will do terribly nicely out of it"

This site originated in 2002, but the reasons for its inception go back to 1994. I am growing too old, too weary, and too disillusioned with Britain and its corrupt, archaic and self-serving legal system to continue beating out my brains on a country so contemptible as this one. It is sliding inexorably into being a criminal state where the corrupt are in the ascendancy, and in which we are handing over the streets and our own safety to the violent and the dishonest. For the sake of political correctness the "rights" of wrongdoers overshadow the rights of their victims whose voices go unheard and whose plight goes unaddressed. Often the victims are themselves criminalised for daring to assert their rights, or even common sense and reason, while British Justice is increasingly accorded only to those who can afford to pay for it, implying that it is bought with the proceeds of crime and corruption. All the while the lawyers and judges get fatter, oblivious and indifferent as to whom is ultimately their paymaster.


My heartfelt thanks go to all those people who have helped me these last many years, and my sympathies go out to all the victims of the corrupt and the bungling Officers of the Supreme Court, the dubious accolade accorded to solicitors.


Do not trust the solicitors' profession; treat them with the same cautious suspicion as you would any Dickensian or Biblical portrayal of lawyers, for if you are wronged by them, no matter how seriously or clearly, they will remain largely unaccountable and they will close ranks against you. Your energies will be leeched out and your life will be sucked away as your struggles for "justice" simply bog you further down into their filthy mire.


If you seek justice in Britain you should be very rich, a crook, or both because you won't get it otherwise. If you have been unjustly impoverished by by the solicitors' profession you have almost no hope of obtaining redress or even a fair hearing.


Good bye, and good luck.